Math Minute

Math Minute is a great way of getting anyone and everyone excited about practicing and developing basic math skills. Including foundational math problems such as addition, subtraction, etc.; Math Minute gives an accelerating boost and exciting edge to the world of math for kids and adults alike.

Inside this motiving, yet down to earth math-based application, participants are faced with a ticking clock and numerous math problems that can be adjusted to cater to different goals. The key is to solve each teaser before the minute goes by.

In detail, this software features:

•One minute to complete as many math questions as possible before the clock runs out•A variety of choices including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to battle against the Minute clock

•Challenge feature that allows participants to maximize and adjust the quantity of questions per game

Whether you’re sitting on a bus, standing in line, or handing your kids something to do; Math Minute keeps busy minds engaged in a new, fun and educational way- and sooner or later the scores will show. Enjoy!

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